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Traver vs Kayode live boxing

It may not feature Floyd Mayweather or Manny Pacquiao, but the “Four Warned” pay-per-view on June 2 promises to be a good one. The main event will feature former Light Heavyweight Champion Antonio “Magic Man” Tarver taking on undefeated Nigerian Lateef “Power” Kayode in a Cruiserweight grudge match. Antonio Tarver vs Lateef Kayode live Here […]

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Live Racing on PC

Grand Prix Catalunya, Barcelona Full Coverage – Moto3 / MotoGP / Moto2 MotoGP Season 2012 :: Barcelona, Spain Friday, June 1st – from 07:15 GMT Grand Prix Catalunya Barcelona live The 2012 MotoGP World Championship welcomes the return to the high speed and traditionally sun-blessed Circuito de Montmelo in Catalunya after three races in changeable […]

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There is nothing like the French Open. Historic moments, classic battles, memorable finishes and, of course, the surface that makes the event what it is.Don’t expect anything less at the 2012 French Open. Here is everything you need to know to get you ready for the annual classic. Watch 2012 Roland Garros Tennis When: May […]

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Coca-Cola 600 LIVE

The 2012 Coca-Cola 600 kicks off today and this NASCAR race brings in millions of more viewers that the Indy 500. Both these races are on Sunday, May 27th. NASCAR fans will flock to their TV’s, radios and computers to watch this event live if they’re not lucky enough to be there in person.   […]

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The Amateur Ebook

Journalist Edward Klein examines Barack Obama’s presidency, from his administration to his personal life . (H, Regenry Publishing) Read The Amateur Ebook Here reinforces and underscores everything we knew and suspected. the president is a amateur, a disaster and a danger to this country. liberal book reviewers are dismissing the book as a “mean spirited […]

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Theodore Boone The Accused Ebook

Thirteen-year-old Theodore Boone watches the trial of a man accused of murdering his wife. Read Theodore Boone: The Accused Ebook Theodore Boone: The Accused is the third book in the Theodore Boone series, and in my opinion, it’s the best yet–definitely better than the second one. Even with its simple story (as expected since this […]

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Oh,The places you go Ebook

Dr. Seuss’ advice on life is a favorite for graduations. Dr. Seuss is clearly the true essence of children’s books as he writes about life in a playful and lyrical way that children can easily understand. Well, “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” is definitely no exception as it is about believing in yourself as you […]

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Explosive Eighteen Ebook

Bounty Hunter Stephanie Plum inadvertently becomes involved in an international murder mystery. Erika Badass’s review: So, here I am again. I swore I wouldn’t read another Evanovich Plum Novel–after my last review of 17, I swore tooth and nail to my husband, my mom, and my blog readers that I wouldn’t read it! So…I went […]

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The Columbus Affair ebook

To save his daughter, a journalist must find the key to a 500-year-old treasure . I like historic fiction and thrillers, so Steve Berry’s The Columbus Affair (Ballantine Books 2012) seemed perfect. Not only did it cover a segment of history I’ve spent virtually no time at all thinking (much less reading) about, I’m always […]

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City of Lost Souls Ebooks

City of Lost Souls took a while to digest. All night I could feel it in my gut like deadweight. All the subplots and characters and relationships and the fact that so much was going on made this book hard to break down. But, finally, I woke up this morning and it all made sense. […]